Tweet4Meat 2013

On cold Minnesota winter nights, sometimes before I’ve retired in my flannel pajamas and sleeping toque, I like to fill our old water bed with a steaming vat of nacho cheese sauce and roll around amazed at the opulence that surrounds me. But not everyone can enjoy the finest of things in life. Many wonder where their next meal comes from or how they can feed their family today, tomorrow and well into the future.

That’s why we started #Tweet4Meat two years ago. #Tweet4Meat brings many of the smartest and funniest people on Twitter together to tell dumb jokes and encourage people to donate a few bucks to Heifer International. Tweet4Meat tweeters write things to make you laugh all year, or provide fodder for ill-advised or creepy @ replies without compensation. A donation to Heifer is a great way to repay them. To learn more about the amazing work Heifer performs world-wide, take just a few moments to read about their 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development. Tweet4Meat donations help those who are much much less fortunate than we are. In the first two years, we’ve raised $7784 to buy chickens, pigs, bees and geese (although who in their right mind would want a goose is beyond me, since geese are such miserable bastards) for those people who can’t bathe in the deliciousness of transfatty acids just by stopping at the neighborhood gas station.

How can you help? There are two ways. The first is easy, between Wednesday, December 4th and the following Wednesday, December 11th please eschew that last non-fat, extra whip, soy pumpkin spice latte, or the first no-whip, whole milk, extra sprinkles peppermint mocha latte and instead donate a few bucks to Tweet4Meat. Help buy someone a bee beard to help feed and keep them warm. Or know that your donation is going to help those suffering the Philippines to get back on their feet. It’s your choice to help.  Here’s the link if you want to get a jump on the Internet lines to donate.

The second way is a little bit more work. From December 4-11, tell some #Tweet4Meat jokes and share the donation link. Harass your friends and followers. Beat up your loved ones for money. Sell Girl Scout cookies or mug a Salvation Army Santa for all we care, but encourage people to help.  The folks listed below have committed to telling you some jokes to raise money for Heifer International and so can you. Together we can make a difference and then come together on the Internet to complain about making a difference. Because after all fundraising, complaining and cats is what the Internet is about.

People who are participating in Tweet4Meat:

FlyoverJoel juicymorsel gneicco alisonforns AmberTozer AngelaHelga anythingatonce BetterOffJen BillMc7 • blobert CabbageNews Cheeseboy22 CoatCzech Cosell cpinck drivewaydranker EccentricGent •FilthyRichmond Greeblemonkey HeyitsLori Home_Halfway Hormonella IGotsSmarts JennyPentland jerryrenek JoeSchmitt John_M15JPHaddadio juskewitch karentozzi LaetPO Lafix LifeCoachers MeetingboyMrBigFists Nickadoo OhNoSheTwitnt Paxochka ProfessorSnack PuddingBoobs ReelQuinn RexHuppke RockabillyJay ScottLinnen shanethevein shariv67 Smethanie SortaBad Squirreljustice StellaRtwot SteveHuff • susie_meisterTeaPartyCat TheBosha theguydf theleanover TheNardvark TinyNietzsche tnylgn ToneLoaf UncleDynamite VerifiedDrunk VocabuLarry WarrenHolstein yoyoha JosephScrimshaw Pauly_MillerEricMarten Untresor Peter-john ByrnesJaySuch TheBlessMess Kyle_Lippert robfee • llvvzzManginaMcCoolTheWallStBull • and many more to come.

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