The USCA and Team Birr

I know everyone is tired of writing their Senators and Representatives. If you’d like to take a break from that, you can do me a favor and email a different governing body, the United States Curling Association.

“Why in the world would I want to do that?” you might ask. It’s simple, this year the USCA blatantly snubbed Team Birr from the Olympic Trials after they finished second at Men’s Nationals. To put this into context. Team Birr isn’t a team fighting for the March Madness play-in game. This omission is like the NCAA saying, “You know Gonzaga, you came in second last year. How about you just stay home for the Tourney.” That’s not cool.

This isn’t a dig at the four teams scheduled to compete at the Olympic Trials. They are good teams, but there are only four of them (by contrast, Canada is sending 11 men’s

How can say “NO” to these faces?

teams to duke it out for their Olympic spot).

How do you send the best our country has to offer to the Olympics when you won’t even let all the best teams compete to get there?

Anyway, if you’d like more of the details, here’s a letter asking the USCA to change their minds and fix the problem by adding a fifth team to trials: Letter to the USCA.

The ask: Can you take a minute to send an email to Rick Patzke requesting Team Birr be added as a fifth team at the Olympic Trials? He’s the chief dude at the USCA in charge of these things. Please keep things positive, we’re curlers and not animals you guys! There’s a sample below, but if you’ve got something more creative/positive, take a screenshot and Facebook/Tweet it to me. We can all use a good laugh. If you aren’t feeling creative, send ’em the sample letter.

Dear USA Curling,

I, ______________, believe that, based on the merits of their performances in the 2016-17 World Curling Tour season and the 2017 USA Curling National Championships, Team Birr should be added to fill the remaining 5th available spot at the 2018 USA Curling Men’s Olympic Trials.

Respectfully yours,


Note: Those underlines are your name and/or curling Mad Libs.



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