Minnesota Macklemore

The awesome @chuckpantalones and I put together a Minnesota Macklemore version of Thrift Shop for you all.  Enjoy.

Lute, lute, lute, lute, lute…fiiiiisssssssssk

Bada, badada, badada, bada…
I’m gonna eat some meat.
Only got 20 Summits in my cooler.
I’m grilling, looking for some ketchup.
This is Minnesota.

Walk in to Cub like, “What up? I gotta big cart.”
Nah, I’m just playin’, already copped my steak at Walmart.
Ice still on my lawn, it’s been so damn frosty.
People be like, “Yea it’s cold here, honky.”
Rollin in hella deep, headin’ to cop some peppered greens.
Draped in Vikings pajama jeans, Packers fans are next to me.
‘Bout to buy some summer sweet… Oh corn is only 99 cents!
Coppin’ it, choppin’ it, serve up some cheese and crackers with it
Passin’ up the jalapeno dip, someone’s chip has been left in it
But me and this hot dish man
I’m hungry and it’s mom’s cookin’
Stuffin’ in my cheese and I’m hella happy that’s a burger, Lucy
I’ma take your grandpa’s toque, I’ma take your grandpa’s shovel,
No for real – ask your grandpa – can I have his snowblower? (Thank you)
Twins jumpsuit and some Wild slippers
Matching blue and red jacket I found that I’m diggin’
They had a bad season, bought tickets in that season
I bought suite tickets, then I bought a finger foam
Hello, hello, my ace man, my Mauer
Robinson Cano ain’t got nothing on my Twins game, hell no
We could take a pro-team, make them fail, for real though
The St Paul Saints be like “Aw, we got the real pros”

I’m gonna pull some tabs.
Only got 20 dollars in my wallet.
I’m drinking, lost in the skyway.
This is Minnesota.

What you know about rockin’ a wolf on your jersey?
What you knowin’ about wearin’ a timber trucker hat dirty?
I’m cheerin, I’m gripin, I’m losin’ right through the season
One man’s loss, that’s another man’s reason
Thank your granddad for the marshmallow landmark
‘Cause right now I’m stuck on Rod Carew.
I’m at Hubert’s, you can find me drinkin’ the Surly downtown
I’m not, I’m Google Maps searchin’ closures Crosstown
It’s Tammy, It’s Candy, Amanda, or Pammy
I’ll take a Norwegian mammie, second-hand, I rock that lutefisker
The sloppy buns with the crockpot, I’m that hotdisher
At Caribou in my minivan like a lattedrinker
They be like, “Oh, yaaah – your car is really nice.”
I’m like, “Yo – that’s Minnesota Nice for you’re a loser.”
Passive aggression, now let’s pay attention
Fifty cents for a pack of 3-shirts – that’s just some Menard’s saver (Big Money)
My minivan? Nuts rust-proofed and pimped (salt)
I call that getting tricked by my missus.
That sunroof’s lovely though
And having it re-duct taped on every spring is a hella don’t
Venison game, come take a look through my hunting scope
Tryna shoot deer with that brand? Man you hella won’t. Many you hella wont.

I’m gonna buy some tickets.
Only got 20 dollars in my wallet.
It’s a meat raffle, gonna win some jerky.
This is Minnesota.

I wear some cut off clothes
I look incredible
I won this big stuffed goat
From that carnie down midway
Either fried or frozen (damn right)
They both are edible (now come on man)
I’ll need some beer to play (big ass coat)
Off to Wisconsin, it’s Sun-day (let’s go)

I’ve gotta cross the state.
Only got 20 Leinie’s in my cooler.
I’m drivin’, looking for the border
Stupid Minnesota.

I’m gonna eat stick food.
Only got 20 tickets in my pocket.
I’m State Fairing, looking for some cheese curds.
This is Minnesota.

Is that your grandma’s dish?

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